Hands-On With The Quality Replica Rolex Day-Date In Platinum — Reference 228236 And 128236

Fake Rolex Watches has introduced a new Day-Date in platinum – reference 228236 for the 40mm version and 128236 for the 36mm version.

Platinum Rolex Day-Dates are not new, and are usually easily recognizable thanks to their icy blue dials. New to this model, however, is the use of a platinum fluted bezel. However, from now on, the Platinum Day-Date will only be available with a platinum channel bezel or diamonds.

Like gold, platinum is a precious material, but unlike gold, platinum is not easy to machine and polish due to its properties. Because of this, Super Clone Rolex Review has so far been unable to create the same sharp fluted bezel as its gold counterparts.

You will often find gold calendars, but platinum calendars are still a rare breed. However, the platinum Rolex Day-Date has been in the collection since 1956. The first Day-Date reference 6510 was made in this precious metal and gold.

Not only is the weight impressive, but there is also an unparalleled presidential bracelet with a hidden clasp, as well as a day and date aperture on the Rolex 1:1 replica watches swiss dial. Although my wrist is 19cm, both the 36mm and 40mm fit me perfectly.

While the ice blue dial isn’t new to a platinum Rolex Day-Date, it’s certainly captivating. Both the Day-Date 36 and Day-Date 40 have dials in this color, but with slightly different Roman numerals applied.

The shape and finish of the Day-Date 36 hour markers are smoother overall. The Roman numerals on the Day-Date 40 are sharper, with an angle in the center, and at the 10, 8, and 6 o’clock positions, you’ll see some numbers made up of separate parts.

Built with the Rolex Copies Cheap Ebay calibre 3255, these watches feature dual quick-set functions and a 70-hour power reserve. The Calibre 3255 is also equipped with a paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and Paraflex shock absorbers.

Whether you choose a vintage 1803 from the 1960s or a modern Day-Date 40, this watch won’t go unnoticed. Not just those who understand watches, but also those who don’t like watches very much.

This is a very recognizable Rolex Copies Cheap China, and most importantly, it is only precious metal. Platinum is a different story, as it’s a day-date with a presidential bracelet, so no one would mistake it for a steel-datejust.

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