Rolex Two-Tone Datejust Quality Replica Watches

While Rolex produces many iconic models, one of the most recognizable among them is the two-tone Rolex Datejust Replica Watches. Two-tone of course, in Rolex world, refers to the use of both gold and steel on one watch. And in Rolex-speak, this is officially known as Rolesor. Since the combination of steel and gold is a hallmark of Rolex watches and the flagship model of the brand is the Datejust, bringing these two signatures to produce the two-tone Datejust will inevitably lead to a super successful model.

Two-tone Datejust watches have been a part of the company’s catalog since the early 1930s and the name “Rolesor” was trademarked in 1933. The mix of precious gold and robust stainless steel brings the wearer the best of both worlds.

Although the most classic choice for Cheap Rolex Replica is yellow gold and steel, it’s also available with Everose and white gold. A common two-tone configuration is where the predominately steel Rolex features a gold bezel, bracelet links, and crown. However, there are some two-tone Rolexes where gold is on the bezel and nowhere else.

Two-Tone Datejust

There are two-tone versions of every Rolex Datejust Replica Watches, whether the traditional 36mm Datejust, the Datejust II, the Turn-O-Graph Thunderbird Datejust, the Lady Datejust, and the new Datejust 41. The key to the success of the Datejust model is its versatility, and the two-tone Datejust watches are no exception.

In some cases, the Datejust II will be very large in case size. The Rolex Datejust is often available with a choice between the dressier Jubilee bracelet or the sportier Oyster bracelet. The bracelet of a two-tone Datejust is normally where the contrast between the gold and steel is most highlighted. The gold center links flanked by the steel outer links gives the watch its famous Rolesor look. The contrast is of course much more noticeable when yellow gold and steel combine, in comparison to the more understated choice of white gold and steel.

While on some Rolesor models the bracelet does not necessarily sport any gold, the bezel is always in gold on two-tone Luxury Rolex Datejust Replica watches. The gold bezels are available in either white, yellow or Everose pink gold. Furthermore, bezels can be of the classic fluted variety or the sleeker domed version. This particular Rolesor Datejust II pictured here is almost entirely crafted in stainless steel, except for the addition of the 18k white gold fluted bezel.

Our Favorite Two-Tone Datejust Models – Vintage Datejust 1601

Vintage Datejust Replica Watches China are an excellent gateway into two-tone Rolex ownership. They’re often among the most affordable options on the secondary market. They boast a distinctive and desirable retro aesthetic with older-style design elements such as an acrylic crystal and a Pie Pan dial. A popular vintage Datejust is ref. 1601. While Rolex produced this model in several metal finishes, steel and yellow gold is one of the most recognizable.

Rolex 16013 Datejust

The Datejust ref. 16013 AAA Replica Watches is also considered vintage because it sports an older-style case and bracelet and an acrylic crystal. However, since it was produced between the late 1970s and 1980s, it also takes advantage of slightly more “modern” upgrades, such as the higher-beat caliber 3035 Perpetual movement with a quickset function for the date mechanism.

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