High Quality Blue Rolex Submariner Replica China Watches

Rolex knows a thing or two about icons. It has been said that had the brand made nothing else but the Rolex Submariner Replica, there is a good chance that it would still be just as highly regarded among its peers as it is today.

Why? Because the Rolex Submariner is more than just a blueprint of the ideal dive watch. It is a trailblazer in the field of perfection. Its aesthetics have been changed over the years, tweaked here and there, refined in line with tastes and trends, but only ever so slightly.

Blue Rolex Submariner 126619 White Gold Cookie Monster

The material design of a watch is one thing, but its color is another. While High Quality Rolex Replica played it safe with the format of the Submariner, it was more than happy to expriment with its color on occasion. Perhaps the most successful (non-black) dial that Rolex has ever produced is its sunburst blue dial.

Blue Rolex Submariner Watches

Blue bezels on Top Swiss Submariner Replica watches are only available on yellow gold, white gold, or two-tone yellow gold and steel (a.k.a. Yellow Rolesor) models. Rolex does not make a steel Submariner with a blue bezel.

One way to identify a blue Submariner if you don’t have the watch in hand or pictures to browse is to look at the reference number. The letters “LB” stands for “lunette bleu,” which is French for “blue bezel.”

Blue Rolex Submariner Two-Tone 126613LB

Submariners with blue bezels often have matching blue dials too, but not always. For example, some vintage and older blue Subs are furnished with “Serti” dials in champagne or silver. Serti is the name given to Rolex dials with diamond hour markers. Vintage blue Submariners with Serti dials have blue sapphires at 6, 9, and 12 o’clock accompanied by diamonds for the rest of the hours.

Blue Submariner Watches in Steel and Gold

The blue Rolex Submariner 1:1 Replica China Watch was a popular favorite during the 1970s, but with blue dials and bezels exclusively offered on the solid 18k gold version, the price of a blue Submariner was outside the realm of possibility for a decent percentage of buyers. However, in 1984, Rolex released the first two-tone Submariner, offering it with the option of either a black or blue dial and bezel.

While Rolesor may not seem to be the kind of material combination one would immediately think of for a diving tool, gold’s extreme resistance to saltwater corrosion actually makes this fusion surprisingly apt. The yellow gold parts provide the watch with a lot of the same luxurious flash as a solid gold model, without nearly the same weight or cost that is typically associated with a gold luxury timepiece.

Blue Rolex Submariner 116619 White Gold Smurf

Just like before, blue dials and bezels were exclusively offered on the two-tone and solid gold versions of the Submariner Date, and although the new grade 1 Replica Watches ref. 16613 and ref. 16618 appeared virtually identical to the two-tone and 18k gold models from the previous generation, the new editions with the updated Cal. 3135 movement would remain in production for more than two decades until Rolex finally gave the Submariner a major overhaul in 2008.

41mm Blue Rolex Submariner Watches

Just as before, blue dials and bezesl are only offered on the solid gold and two-tone versions, with the new models known as ref. 126618LB and 126613LB (respectively). One minor difference between the previous blue Submariner dials and the updated ones found on the 41mm generation is the color of the text.

Blue Rolex Submariner 126613

On the Cheap Rolex Replica previous 40mm series, the blue dials featured yellow gold writing, while the blue dials on the new 41mm Submariner watches feature white text. With that in mind, despite the minor updates to the blue dials of the two-tone and yellow gold Submariner watches, possibly the most significant aesthetic update is found on the white gold version of the updated 41mm generation.

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