Rolex Watches In The Basel World 2014 Preview Video

Many people know this, but for those who don’t understand Rolex’s small rituals, we will explain. First of all, as far as we know, Rolex is the only brand that launched new watches in this way. Rolex Replica Watches launched a new watch. There are windows around the entire Rolex booth, and the windows in the display case are many of the existing Rolex watches and the new Rolex watches. Next to the new label is a “new” label that is covered with a small cloth cover.

After that, the discussion of the “New Rolex Watch” is the de facto dialogue point. Everyone will ask each other if the new Best Rolex Replica Watches is enough, new or interesting. It is widely believed that watches will be sold, but Rolex is expected to “go further next year.” Nevertheless, we still feel very eager and respectful of Rolex sleeves. In a few days, we will participate in the unveiling ceremony again!

Rolex, Visuel pour la presse, Collection Daytona

How much do we know about the 2014 Fake Rolex Watches? The video doesn’t share much, but there is a side trailer for the watch. It is obviously an Oyster-style case with a grooved bezel. However, the groove is quite shallow, so it may represent a completely new model – not a revision of an existing model. My guess is that it is a new version of date/date Datejust, or something similar. We will see it soon!

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