Rolex Creates A New Shock-Proof Oyster Case?

Rolex may plan to release watches with improved impact resistance soon. A recent US patent application by Rolex details a new type of component used in the Rolex Oyster machine, which is said to reduce motion shock by up to 60%. The patent covers the outer casing of the watch and uses two special rings to secure the movement, rather than using conventional techniques such as screws or brackets. The solution is both practical and simple, and we believe it will soon appear on Rolex Replica Watches.

In the Rolex invention, there are two split rings with a triangular cross section. When the two rings are pointed at the point of their triangular cross section and they begin to overlap, they center the motion and completely fill the gap between the motion and the housing. When pressure is applied to the ring closest to the back of the case, it exerts pressure on the outer diameter of the movement, placing it in the center of the casing and applying pressure to the movement, causing the movement to push the dial and crystal up. To apply this pressure, use an internally threaded ring similar to the inner casing on the Milgauss to clamp the ring and move it into place. Since the patents cover a wide range of statements covering the widest possible range, Rolex Replica also provides an example in which two motion loops compress each other only through the normal back of the single shell.

The watchmaker does not have to pinch the dial in the movement, but insert the dial and the movement, the first ring, the second ring, insert the valve stem, tighten the ring to apply pressure and center the movement, then the case Pull back. As a means of mass production assembly, it seems to be faster and more reliable. Although Rolex does have many patents and inventions that it owns and that are not currently used in its products, the fact that they apply for patents in the US and does not require any changes to their existing cases means that we are likely to be coming soon. This feature is seen in the Fake Rolex Watches.

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